Friday, September 9, 2011

On our shelves in September

I change out the activities on our shelves every 1-3 weeks, depending on how much time we've spent in the school room. This is what was waiting on the shelves for her the week of September 5th.

A closer look at each activity

This is a transfer activity. The bowl is full of marbles. She
uses the mustard spoon to transfer the marbles, one to 
each hole in the ice cube tray.

Lace and Trace cards. The shoelace is laced through 
the holes in the board cut-outs.

Clothespin Counting. She counts the flowers on the card
and then places the clothespin over the correct number.
This activity is self-correcting because I placed a stamp 
on the back of each card over the correct number.

Clock puzzle. We just use this as a puzzle right now.
In the future we will use it more to talk about
telling time.

Magnet activity. She uses the yellow magnet to 
separate the objects between metal and non. 
The first time we did this activity we just waited
to see what would happen, but now I ask her before 
each object if she thinks the magnet will attract
it or not.

Screw Block. She uses the little screwdriver to
put all the screws in the block. The colored rings
indicate which screw is to go in each hole.

I didn't get a picture of this one before we did it.
We used glitter glue pens to decorate on 3 different
surfaces. We had paper, felt, and foam.

Hand Puzzle. This can be used just as a puzzle, but
we also use it to talk about anatomy and also for 
counting. Each finger has objects underneath matching
the number on top.

Kumon Easy Mazes. These aren't so much mazes
as just paths to follow. We do 2-4 pages.

Phonics. She matches each object to the letter tile
with the starting letter. The tiles are sand paper tiles, so 
she also traces each letter with her finger after
matching the objects.

Sequencing. These cards tell a story but some pieces
are missing. She matches the tiles to their correct spot
to complete the story.

I didn't get a picture of this one before she did it.
For this activity, I read her the directions and she
had to follow them to complete the picture. The
squares were along the bottom and had to be cut out.
She did all the cutting and pasting herself.


  1. Hi Anne, I am Wilma from South Africa. I found your blog via a Sonlight forum post. I love your idea of putting things out for your toddler. My boy seems to be at the same stage very much, so I would be interested in doing this. Only thing is...he would be very proper with it, but he has a 21 month old brother, who is in a stage of RUINING things right does one deal with that...thanks so much, looking forward to exploring your blog.

    1. Hi Wilma! I only have one right now, so I haven't had to figure that one out just yet! At least not on a full time basis. We have all of our school things set up in a separate room, not out in the main living areas or in her playroom. So if we have other little ones over to play, we just shut the school room door.

      The main thing I would suggest, would be setting up some things specifically for the younger one to do. So when it's time to pull out some activities for the older one, the younger one has something to occupy himself so he won't be so tempted to get in to big brother's things. If you make it something interesting, pretty indestructible, and he only gets it during "school time", it might be enough to direct his attention away from the things he shouldn't be getting into. And will make him feel big and special because he'll have his very own "school work".

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