Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our shelves all full

I can't believe it's September! I wanted to get this blog started back in February and just never did!  I have lots of pics from those first few months and I don't want them to go to waste. So I'm going to be doing several posts that will go over some of what we've done since then.

Shelves set up for the first time

Our room is set up with several small bookcases.  I set out various activities on the shelves that Monkey is allowed to choose from. Many of them are inspired by the Montessori method, though very few of my materials are truly Montessori. I roughly separate things by subject area, but not strictly, so some things may seem slightly out of place. Sometimes it's because I didn't have a better place for them, sometimes I had something specific in mind that fit that subject better than the obvious one.

Math shelves:
Counting cards with small hearts for counters
Sand paper number tiles to trace with fingers
Number puzzles
Circle fraction puzzle
Science: Bugs are Insects book
Sea Life flash cards

 Language Arts shelves: 
Objects, sandpaper letter tiles, and sand tray
Get Ready for the Code workbook
Dry-erase letter cards.
Matching upper-case to lower-case. 
Sorting by subject - land, air, and water.

Sensory shelves: 
Foam sheets and foam stickers
Nest, sort, & stack cylinders
Frog matching game
Sensory tub - Rainbow pasta
Utensils and bowls for use with sensory tub
P.E. - Number and activity blocks (to roll and follow)

Life Skills
Marble transfer using a mustard spoon
1-1 transfer hearts to tray
Lacing beads - following the pattern
Open and Close
Zipping clothes
Lace & Trace cards

I think this might have actually been the second time I set up our shelves, but it's the first pictures I have.

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