Monday, September 19, 2011

Our shelves September take 2

Our shelves starting the week of September 19th.


Do a Dot page and markers

Water Pouring. One of her favorite activities. 
This time I used smaller cups so that she has to
fill each one to the very top.

Pattern pieces. There's another design on the 
other side.

Transferring pom poms with a strawberry huller.
One pom pom to each spot on the tray.

Science Experiment: Magic Matter. We'll be mixing 
corn starch and water and playing with it.

Zootles Magazine. Our latest issue just came in
so I put it out on our shelves.

ASL alphabet puzzle. The English letter is printed
under each piece.

Phonics. Matching objects to their starting letter.
We'll also trace the letters on the sand paper tiles.

Math puzzle. She'll count the objects on each 
piece to match it with the number.

 BOB book. Set 1, Book 1. Mat.

Dot to Dot book

Nest, Sort, & Stack cubes

Sensory tub - dry beans

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