Monday, January 9, 2012

Our set up

This shows most of our school area. She does some activities at her table and some on the floor. On the left is our shelves. Her table in the middle has bins underneath which hold crayons, scissors, glue, and other things she may need to use for any given activity. On the right are my shelves. Books on the bottom, Sonlight on the middle shelf, printer and our workboxes on the top.

 This is our calendar. Month and moon phase on the top. 
The bottom has the current season and today's weather.

 This is just to show us what is on our agenda
for the day. We don't really need it, especially 
using workboxes, but it's good to see at a glance
which subjects we have left.

This is our workboxes. They way it works is you put one subject in each drawer. Then you just move on to the next drawer as you get to it. It helps me make sure we have everything we need all set out and ready to use. She also likes opening the drawers to see what's next. This only has 3 drawers and we do more subjects, but it works out. Sonlight books go on top since they don't fit in the drawers anyway. Cooking/craft doesn't get a drawer. ASL/French doesn't take up much space. I just put the info for that on a 3X5 card and put it in one of the drawers with another subject. Usually it will be Math, Science, and Phonics/Fine Motor that go in the drawers. 

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