Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our week from March 5th-9th

Our Shelves

Pattern lacing
She loves this one and picks it every day. After following
the patterns she likes to just string a bunch of beads and
pretend it's a snake.

Classification cards
She really liked doing this one. She was so excited as
she named where each card went. "Where do birds go? 
They belong in the sky!"

Matching upper and lower case
She's been able to match upper and lower case letters
for a long time, so the way I set this up probably wasn't
interesting. I was planning on doing more with phonics 
after she'd matched them and tracing the letters, but
she never picked it.

ASL alphabet puzzle
She had fun with this one. She couldn't always tell
what the pictured hand shape was doing, so on some
of them I made the hand shape and then she would
announce the letter and find the spot.

Dice math
We roll the dice, then add beads to the little heart tray
for the number of dots on each die, then she counts
all the beads to find the total. She liked it okay, but 
only did it a few times.

Kumon activities

These are always her favorites. The cutting project
was making a cage to fold up over a butterfly. After
folding up the sides, she looked down at the butterfly
and said "I think this is distressing to him." So cute!

We took a trip to the children's museum

We also had Parent Day at her Dance/Tumble class

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