Friday, March 2, 2012

Our week in review, February 27th to March 2nd

Our shelves

Pattern pieces
She's always loved this activity, but never had enough
patience to finish a picture. She's too much of a perfectionist
for it, I think. She wants them all to line up exactly where
they go, but she's not quite able to keep from pushing them
out of place when she adds a new piece.

Our sensory tub this week is water beads
 She's loving the water beads. So am I! I find myself playing
with them just as much as she does. Her favorite thing to do
with them is use the mustard spoon to transfer beads on to
the little suction bath mats or into the ice cube tray. She also
loves throwing them on a hard surface because they bounce!

Stacking tower. Simple but fun!
She was having a lot of fun experimenting with building
inverted towers. She really loved learning the new word!

Sequencing stories
This one is always an interesting one for us to do. She
will sometimes get the pictures in the "wrong" order. But
then when I ask her to tell me the story to explain, she has
a perfectly logical story line to explain the different order. 
On the fish one, she put the feeding the fish picture 3rd and
the fish out of the bowl in the bag as last. She said he took
the fish out to clean the bowl after feeding him. 

Sticker mosaic
This is our second sticker mosaic. It is an ongoing
project because she never gets very far each time. She
loves doing it and really loves stickers, it just doesn't
hold her interest for long.

Kumon work pages
She loves all of her Kumon workbooks. These are all
from the "Let's....." series. We have one page from each
book out. Color, fold, paste, and cut. Her current favorite
is probably cutting and she's getting very good at it.

Letter and number window clings
Window clings work great on plastic. Last month we
used one of our empty sensory tubs. I think this was
easier for her to use. She had fun naming each letter
as she would place it and I would ask her to name
something that started with that letter.

Hard at work

Besides shelf activities, she also spent a lot of time working in her Kumon workbooks. Her favorites right now are mazes of any kind. I have to distract her with something new to do after a while or I think she would go through the whole workbook in one sitting. I try to spread it out and have her do just a few pages from each book. As long as I can get her to switch, this usually works out to be enough to satisfy her since we have 6 different books we're working out of now. I never thought we would spend very much time on workbooks, but she loves them.

We also had a fun playdate with our good friends. 

We put a bar of ivory soap in the microwave for
about a minute. After it had cooled enough for the
girls to play with, we added some water and tore
up a bunch of toilet paper. They squished it up
and made it into a sort of dough.

 We used contact paper to make glue-free 

The girls both had a lot of fun with this one!

Proud of her finished project!

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