Monday, April 16, 2012

Our week from April 9th to 13th

This may sound really off for a homeschooling blog, but my goal this last week was NO SCHOOL. Well, really my goal was to not be in the house, but that meant not spending time in the school room, either. Between sickness, pregnancy issues, and weather, we've been stuck in the house for the majority of the last 6 months. The weather was nice (most of the week) and I had just had enough of inside. So I didn't put new activities on her shelves or prepare any of our core work. Had she really, really wanted to do school, I would have found something for us to do. I kept us pretty busy, but the couple times she did ask, I gave her an option between school and something else fun and she went with the other.

So we spent this week playing in the driveway with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, taking walks/riding her trike, a lot of time at parks, playdates, time with nana, picnics, and the children's museum. All things we do all the time anyway, but this week we did ONLY those things and packed them in!

Some pictures.

Feeding the ducks

Painting at a pottery place

This was a playdate with a friend

Proud of her puppy! She was very upset, though,
that we didn't get to bring it home with us that day.
They glaze and fire it then you pick it up when
it's finished.
Making a windsock at the museum


  1. Sounds like a perfect preschool goal to me! We've been doing pretty much the same. :)

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