Monday, April 9, 2012

Our week in review from April 2nd to 6th

Our shelves

Sand tray
She loved writing in the sand tray this time.
She always likes this activity, but it worked
much better in this box tray instead of the
shallow tray I usually use. She went and got
more letters from the drawer so she could keep
playing in it. 

Egg puzzle
She absolutely loved this one! It was definitely a
favorite for the week. We did it a dozen times at
least. It's harder than it looks because each notch
is a different width, so you have to turn each level
until you find where it fits.

Ball toss math
There's also a 2 bucket you can't see in the pic. We
set the little buckets up on the other end of our table
and tossed the pom poms into them. The 1 closest to
us and the 3 furthest away. Then we added up our
points. She loved this game. After the first few rounds
we just tossed and didn't do the adding.

Lace & trace
Lacing cards is always a favorite.

Number line
The number line folds out to go to 9. She puts one
cup above each number then puts the corresponding
number of beads in each cup. She always loves
this one. I like that it is self-correcting, so even if I
see her make a mistake, I don't call it out, I wait for
her to discover it herself.

Copying patters. She was supposed to make an
identical row beneath this one then I was going to
start a simple pattern and have her finish it. But she
ended up stealing the pom poms from this activity to
give us more for the math toss game and they never
made their way back!

Kumon Activities
She didn't actually do these this week. Surprising
as the cutting one at least is usually one of the first
things she goes for.

Stained glass painting
She loved doing these. Painting is one of
her favorite things to do.

Easter cards
Materials so she could put some stickers
on foam cards. She likes making cards for
people this way.

In action

Glue and glitter. She asks to do this at least a couple
times a week.

This is an activity from a Spectrum Early Years
workbook, Learn with Me Ready to Read. She
really likes it so I might get another from the

These were actually not taken all on the same day.
She just really liked her Dora nightgown this week!

Just for fun!

All ready for dance class.

Dying eggs. This dye is from beets. We also did 
red cabbage, tumeric, and spinach.

More painting! 

"Another picture?"

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