Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our week March 26th to 30th

So the last picture from last week where she's asleep on the couch? That was called "coming down with Croup". She's been a pretty sick little girl this week. We still got in a little bit of school time she just couldn't go for very long at once. We did get in a LOT of reading time!
Our shelves

Learning palette
She wanted this one left out again since we didn't
do it last week, but she still didn't do it this week.
We didn't do very many "thinking" things this week.
I think her poor little head hurt too much.

Easter sensory tub
 She loves her Easter tub! It got a lot of attention.
Shredded paper/Easter basket stuffing for base.
Chick notepad, small basket, bunny head plastic egg,
Styrofoam egg ornaments, koosh balls, Easter themed
erasers, chick bubbles, bunny crayon stick, Easter foam
stickers, soft chicks, pom poms, animal springy toys

Easter puzzle
 She wasn't too sure about this one, since I had to
help her. She can't quite do these cheap puzzles on
her own. The pieces are so thin that they don't lock
together and if you push just a little too much putting
a piece where it goes, nearby pieces start coming apart.

Fraction pies
 She also asked for this one to remain out. We played
with them some and talked about fractions. She got
the hang of it pretty quick and could tell me what
each of the numbers stood for.

 Just Easter themed transferring. I love the dollar section
at Target for these cute packs of small erasers. This one
happened to have 6 different shapes, so I had her sort
as she transferred. An easy concept, but she always
seems so happy to see them sorted out so nicely when
she's done.

Kumon activities
She did some of these, but not all. She just didn't
quite have the attention span for much this week.

Art table
She really wanted to do the color wheel art again, so
that was back out. It's definitely one of her favorite
art activities.
The cup has an egg soaking in water. It was supposed
to hatch after 12-24 hours, but took closer to 48 before
it even started to break out. She got tired of waiting
and finished breaking the shell herself. Inside was a
little chick.
She loves stamps, so I knew this one would be a hit.
She did a better job than usual with being patient and
pressing the stamp down carefully. Usually she just
quickly hits the page with the stamp and it doesn't
turn out right. She was very careful this time and
just loved seeing them look like they were supposed to.

In action pictures!

You can see a bit of our rice tub in the background.
The rice is usually contained in a small tub like our
other sensory stuff. But I let her pour it into a big
container so she could sit in it to play. She had fun
but it made a MESS!

Taking a break to paint nails! I love this nail
polish. It's called Suncoat and it's all natural and
comes off really easy! I also love her doing it
herself because it's a great fine motor activity!

Finishing up her Kumon maze book.

I don't have very many pictures to share this week and no 'just for fun' ones since she was feeling so blah most of the time. She put on a brave face when she wanted to do school so I would let her, but that happy smile didn't last long. :( One time she convinced herself she was all better and jumped up to dance and sing. She actually made it about 10 minutes then she just came to a sudden stop, her face fell, she coughed, and said "I overdid it". It was very cute but also sad! At least we got in a lot of good snuggle up on the couch time to watch movies and read books!

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