Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kindergarten curriculum

Kindergarten for Monkey 2013-2014 

This is what we have been using this year. We do not use everything on this list daily. Reading, writing, and math is all that I require to consider it a school day. Anything else is bonus! Science does get done most of the time, though, because it's her favorite. 

Language arts:
Phonics: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears level K
Reading: Readers from the library and The Magic Treehouse books. 

Read alouds:
Sonlight p4/5 as a booklist
Illustrated classics for girls (Usborne)
A Little Princess (abridged)
Brave Emily (AG)
Heidi (abridged)
Little Women (abridged)
Little House in the Big Woods
*I will add to this list as we finish new books*

Singapore primary mathematics standards edition 1a & 1b
Singapore math challenging word problems 1
Miquon Orange & Red

For science this year I didn't use any one curriculum. I pulled together several resources to focus on the subjects of her choice.  We started with astronomy and recently moved to dinosaurs.

Astronomy -  DK first space encyclopedia, Evan Moore space units, homeschoolshare lapbook materials, and various activities and printables found around the internet.

Dinosaurs - DK first dinosaur encyclopedia, Evan Moore dino worksheets, Zoobooks timeline and books, Dover dinosaur coloring book, Walking with Dinosaurs BBC shows, and various printables found around the internet

Evan Moore Beginning Geography
States & Capitals songs

ASL - Signing Time
Spanish - Little Pim
Critical thinking - ZooLogic, IQtwist, Mind Benders

Extra curriculars:

We have a lot of manipulatives, games, and other hands-on stuff that we pull out often. She also has access to plenty of art supplies!

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