Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Back to Homeschooling!

So Monkey went to public school this year for 3rd grade. While she had a good experience while she was there, it didn't end up being the right thing for her right now, so she is coming back home! I'll be keeping up this blog so we can track our homeschool experience!

For now, we're taking it kind of easy. Mostly math, reading, and science with little bits of everything else here and there and a LOT of play and time outside!

We're using:

MONKEY - 3rd

MATH: Beast Academy 3
SCIENCE : Fluid Dynamics lab station, Steve Spangler box, Kiwi Crate, Usborne books, and whatever else catches her eye!
HISTORY: SOTW 1 - listening in the car
SPELLING: AAS - We're backing up to review the key concepts we learned in 1 & 2 and then we'll move on to level 3 when we start back with a fuller load.

Everything else is going to wait until she's ready for more :)

BEAR - Pre-K

MATH : Mathematical Reasoning Beginning B
Kumon workbooks and lots and lots of read-alouds

Monkey and Bear on Earth Day at a March for Science.

Fluid Dynamics. Experimenting with hydrogen peroxide and potatoes.

She made her own experiment resulting in a "green swamp with potato rocks!"

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