Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up May 5

It's been a fun week here at Seeking Squirrels! The weather is getting nicer and the girls have been able to spend more time outside. We started a unit on the science of bubbles! They both think this is great! Math, reading, science, and play is still the focus of our days. With it so nice out I am in no rush to up the academics just yet.

We planted some seeds in starter pods. A little later in the year than we'd intended but hopefully not too late! :)

Making a lapbook for our Bubbleology unit! We're using the one from Hands of a Child.

Kiwi and Koala crate came in and they are always excited for those! Bear got Wild West and Monkey got Robotics and Coding. Both hits!

Monkey decided she wanted to sew a stuffed animal for Bear while Bear was at Preschool this week. We get about an hour and a half at home while she's there. Monkey worked on it the whole time Bear was gone Monday and Wednesday and finished it just in time! She did a lot of the work herself but I helped. I love that it was her idea and she wanted to spend her time with sister gone making something for her. Bear loves it!

Just a bit of the bookwork ;)

And of course a lot of time outside because it is now SO NICE! They like the slip n slide well enough, but they mostly like to play in the tiny pool of water at the end. They're going to be thrilled when we give them a small inflatable pool as soon as daddy gets home!

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