Friday, May 19, 2017

Weekly Wrap-up May 19th

We've had a good week here at Seeking Squirrels! The girls put on a "circus" for me for Mother's Day! 😀

We spent more time on school this week. Monkey had a good break but it was time for the structure of school days. I've spent a lot of time preparing some of our work for 4th and K and finishing the school room. It's really coming together! I'll post better pics of the room when it's finished. You can see bits of it in the pics from this week. 

Bear was quite proud of herself for writing all her numbers! She loves having her own little desk in our school room. 

I got the board up for All About Spelling which made Monkey happy. Spelling has definitely become a new favorite for her. She's buzzing through the lessons.  We're waiting now for the next level to get here. 

We worked a little bit on our Bubbleology lapbooks but weren't able to do much because weather did not encourage outside play this week! We caught up with some vocabulary and assembling but no new activities. 

Bear kept herself occupied in the school room while I was working with Monkey. The playroom is next door but she likes being with us. We have plenty of puzzles, games, and art supplies that she has free access to while we're in there. 

Reading their favorite Usborne books. I do love Usborne! We have a LOT of them! 

They've been setting up "school" for their stuffies every day. Sometimes they make them little books or worksheets to finish. They will pause in their work occasionally to ask one of their animals a question. 😂

Art time with Ms. V from Home Art Studio. They painted an Egyptian landscape. I meant to get a picture of the finished products, but there was a lapse since we had to wait for the paint to dry before the last step. They did that quickly after dinner and I forgot to snap a picture. 

Monkey has started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We've listened to the audio book for 1 & 2, but this is her first time reading it for herself. After she's finished reading those two, we will listen to 3 together. Unless she wants to read it which I would be fine with. Once we get to 4 I will probably have her read it to herself because I'd rather Bear be older before that one. I'm not sure yet if we'll let Monkey go on to 5 when she gets there or make her wait a little while. We'll see how she handles the end of 4. 

She wasn't feeling well on Wednesday so we brought down her little sofa but she still did some work. It's nice to have the option to keep it light when she's not up for more without losing the entire day! Homeschooling win! 

Bear has been doing really well on phonics and I think she'll be reading in no time!

Next week we'll be starting the Build Your Library evolution unit. Monkey has shown interest in the topic so we thought that would make a good summer study. Much of our work for 4th and K will be arriving over the next week so I'll also be busy getting it all prepped and ready. I plan on making a post sharing our curriculum choices and also how I'm organizing it all. We will probably not wait until the start of the traditional school year to start on new materials. There's really no need for us to wait and starting earlier will give us some wiggle room for days off later!

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