Monday, May 7, 2012

Our week from April 30th to May 4th

We've been doing less and less school as the weather warms up and we spend more time out and about and outside.

Our Shelves

Sand tray
She had a lot of fun practicing her letters this week.
Usually she just does a couple and then just plays in
the sand. She also usually does "easy" letters. This
week she focused a lot on letters that have been hard
for her. She made a lot of progress with K, A, and R.

Popcorn phonics sensory tub
I buried a bunch of our small phonics objects in her
popcorn sensory tub. She went hunting for them and
then told me the starting letter of each. She loved
this one and pulled it out several times!

Pattern pieces
She actually stuck with this one and finished a
picture. She usually gets too annoyed that she can't
get the pieces to stay exactly where they go.

Clothespin counting
The clothespins are numbered 1-15. She clips them
in order on the side of the basket. This one is good
number sequencing as well as fine motor control
and hand strength. 

I'm trying to put out more activities that will help
her develop hand strength. She knows how to snap,
but still has a very hard time with it because she
just doesn't have the strength in her fingers.

Clock puzzle
She's been asking a lot about time lately, so I put
this out for us to work with.

If it's painting in any way, shape, or form, she
likes it. 

Glitter and glue
Usually a favorite, but she actually didn't do it.

In action:

 Just for fun:

Vinegar and baking soda with daddy

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our week: April 16th to 20th

As the weather gets nicer we're spending less time indoors and less time doing "school". This is fine by me! I am so ready for more outside time!

Our shelves

Magnifying glass
After exploring these items I intended for us to go
outside and gather some leaves and sticks or something
for the next time. But she took off with the magnifying
glass and has been playing with it all over the house. :)

Zootles magazine
I decided to put this out instead of in our science
drawer. We often forget it's there when it's tucked

Rhyming puzzles

Kumon activities
The same ones out as last week. Since she hasn't been
picking it lately I asked if she wanted them back out
or not, but she always says yes.

For copying and continuing patterns. We can of
course dump them out and do new ones, but I like
having it ready to go with the first set.

This week she was more particular about lacing it
the same way all the way around. Often she does 
some in standard stitch style and sometimes loops
it around the side to come through the same direction
as she did the hole before. This time she noticed how
different it looked than mine, done all the same way.
So she took out her last few and redid it all the same.

Window clings
She really just loves doing these. Not sure how
educational it is, but it's fun so it's okay!

Art book
This week we did tracing objects. She liked
tracing her hand the most. 

Water color painting
And of course some painting.

I actually didn't take a lot of school-time pictures this week. The camera died early in the week and I procrastinated charging it. I have several more on my phone, but they're not very good and a pain to get on to my computer. 

This girl LOVES mazes!

She wanted to do more colored water art on paper
towels. This time she asked me to cut out some
Easter eggs for her to color. I also did some hearts.
This way was pretty fun! A new way to color 
Easter eggs! She also turned a few of them into
"projects". Mostly this meant cutting them up or
folding and taping them.

Just for fun!

Meeting a brand new baby cousin!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our week from April 9th to 13th

This may sound really off for a homeschooling blog, but my goal this last week was NO SCHOOL. Well, really my goal was to not be in the house, but that meant not spending time in the school room, either. Between sickness, pregnancy issues, and weather, we've been stuck in the house for the majority of the last 6 months. The weather was nice (most of the week) and I had just had enough of inside. So I didn't put new activities on her shelves or prepare any of our core work. Had she really, really wanted to do school, I would have found something for us to do. I kept us pretty busy, but the couple times she did ask, I gave her an option between school and something else fun and she went with the other.

So we spent this week playing in the driveway with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, taking walks/riding her trike, a lot of time at parks, playdates, time with nana, picnics, and the children's museum. All things we do all the time anyway, but this week we did ONLY those things and packed them in!

Some pictures.

Feeding the ducks

Painting at a pottery place

This was a playdate with a friend

Proud of her puppy! She was very upset, though,
that we didn't get to bring it home with us that day.
They glaze and fire it then you pick it up when
it's finished.
Making a windsock at the museum