Sunday, March 25, 2012

our week

March 19th - 23rd

We again didn't spend as much time in our school room this week, but we still did a fair amount. Mostly shelf work, though. We didn't do very much from our workboxes. That's okay, though! I never require her to do anything in particular.

Our shelves

Learning palette
She loves working with this but we never did get to
it this week. This was a new sheet she hadn't tried, yet.
I may put it back out next week. 

Kumon activities
A favorite as always. We did get to these. She really
loved the snowman one. She had to cut the strips of
paper into small pieces, then used her fingertip to
make a bunch of small dots of glue. Then we dumped
the "snowflakes" on the page and shook it around. 

Fraction pies
These have been sitting half done in my closet for
months and I finally finished them! I just let her
explore them this week. I told her how fractions
worked, but we didn't do any specific activities
to work on the concept.

Soaking up water
She had fun with this one. We filled the pitcher with
water and then she got to dump it on the tray. She
used the sponge to soak up the water from the tray
and squeezed all the water out into the bowl.

Magnet play
She uses the yellow magnet to sort out metal vs
non-metal items.  She went back to this one several

Sand tray
This was just for having fun and tracing things in
the sand. She did some letters, but mostly just
made random lines and hand prints.

Color mixing
We had a lot of fun with this one! I filled the bottles
with red, yellow, and blue water and she used the
droppers to mix colors in the tray. We also used
card stock and paper towels to make pictures and
color wheels.

Art table
I was planning on this being two separate art activities
with the glitter glue being used on construction paper.
But she decided to use the glitter glue on one of the
pages from the watercolor book. It turned out cute!

Glitter glue painting

We dipped strips of paper towel into the tray to
better see the colors. Most of them looked too dark
in the tray to really tell the color. It was also fun
to watch the colors separate back out a little on
the paper towel strip after a couple minutes.

Color wheel. She used a toothpick to swirl the colors
together before laying the paper towel over the top.

Some were dripped straight on to the paper towel
and some of them were done first on card stock.

Some just for fun pictures!

On our way to the park on a beautiful day!

Love her choice of outfit. That's white
shortalls over a green shirt with a
green tutu. Too bad she didn't pick this
one out on the 17th!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our week 3/12-3/16

We didn't spend as much time in the school room as we usually do. We had plans with friends a couple of days and the weather was really nice one day, so we spent most of it outside. Monday was the only day we spent as much time as usual in the school room and Tuesday we did a little bit.

Our shelves

Number play
This was mainly to practice tracing the #2, but I also
put 2 each of several items in the bowl. After pairing
them I was going to have us work on skip counting
by two's. But we didn't get to this one this week.

Kumon activities
We didn't do these this week. She saw them at one
point and was excited for it, but we never got back 
to it.

This is always one of her favorite activities. I put
two animals for each letter in the bowl this time.
It only threw her off when she got to the 4th animal
she pulled out and it didn't match her remaining letter.
She tried to put it in the right spot and take the other
one off, but then it had no where to go. Once she
realized there could be two on the same letter, she
finished quickly.

Sticker mosaic
Usually a hit, but we didn't do it this week.

Counting puzzle
She had fun with this one, but it didn't challenge
her at all.

Lacing cards
She loves lacing as long as I don't put it out too
often. She chose the pig this week.

Transferring using tongs. I also had her sort them.
She always loves transferring activities. This one
was a bit more challenging because these tongs
have more tension than the ones she usually uses.

I finally finished our light box. This has been on my to-do list for about 3 months, so I was excited to finally get to it. 

Some school-time pictures

Kumon workbooks
I don't usually get pictures of it or mention it, but
she LOVES her Kumon workbooks. Especially
mazes. We have a stack of workbooks and she
picks them almost every day. She will do a handful
of pages from each. She would go straight through
the entire book of mazes in one sitting if I didn't
slow her down!

I did something kind of crazy. I let her dump out
every container from my supply closet. It's mostly
all the different things I use for sensory tubs, sorting,
transferring, and phonics.

 She had a blast dumping them out and playing
in them! She called it "play soup". It was a much
bigger mess than it appears in the pictures! We
did at least get a little bit of educational value
out of it. We played "I spy" and worked on
being descriptive. It took myself and DH, with
"help" from Monkey, over half an hour
to get everything sorted back out and put
away. It was fun, but I think it will be a while
before we do Play Soup again!

Just a few fun non-school time pictures

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our week from March 5th-9th

Our Shelves

Pattern lacing
She loves this one and picks it every day. After following
the patterns she likes to just string a bunch of beads and
pretend it's a snake.

Classification cards
She really liked doing this one. She was so excited as
she named where each card went. "Where do birds go? 
They belong in the sky!"

Matching upper and lower case
She's been able to match upper and lower case letters
for a long time, so the way I set this up probably wasn't
interesting. I was planning on doing more with phonics 
after she'd matched them and tracing the letters, but
she never picked it.

ASL alphabet puzzle
She had fun with this one. She couldn't always tell
what the pictured hand shape was doing, so on some
of them I made the hand shape and then she would
announce the letter and find the spot.

Dice math
We roll the dice, then add beads to the little heart tray
for the number of dots on each die, then she counts
all the beads to find the total. She liked it okay, but 
only did it a few times.

Kumon activities

These are always her favorites. The cutting project
was making a cage to fold up over a butterfly. After
folding up the sides, she looked down at the butterfly
and said "I think this is distressing to him." So cute!

We took a trip to the children's museum

We also had Parent Day at her Dance/Tumble class