Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Homeschool Area

We did a little reorganizing of our homeschooling area. Here's our setup for this year.

On the left is Bear's shelves. She's only 2, but I set up some 
tot school work for her to keep her occupied while Monkey
and I are doing lessons.

Monkey's workboxes and schedule card.
This is where most of our stuff is stored. 

That's it! It's a small space as it's just off to one side in our master bedroom. But I have it pretty organized so it's working out. Monkey loves having the whiteboard up. Bear does too when she's left alone long enough to find a marker! (In case you were wondering, the amount of time necessary for that is about .3 seconds.)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Coming up: First Grade!

Monkey is excited to start first grade soon! Here is our lineup for the year. Note that I'm listing many of our supplements and hands-on extras. Not everything on the list will be used daily!

Grammar: First Language Lessons 1
Writing: Writing with Ease 1
Handwriting: New American Cursive

Singapore Primary Math 1b & 2a (textbook/workbook)
Singapore Challenging Word Problems 1
Life of Fred 
C-rods & educationunboxed
Learning Palette
Card games

R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Life level 1
Library books
Magic School Bus science kits if we want a short break from RSO

Story of the World Ancients
SOTW Activity guide
Library books

SALSA Spanish
ASL instruction from me 
Signing Time

Mind Benders
Beginning Analogies
Smart Cookies
IQ Twist

Usborne book of World Religions
States and Capitals Songs
Homeschool Family Fitness
Home Art Studio

Science Labs
Arts and Crafts
Animal Encounters

Highland Dance
Girl Scouts

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Our Astronomy Unit

For science, Monkey wanted to study space. She says she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. She has been fascinated with the stars and moon since she was very small. I couldn't find a packaged curriculum that I wanted to use for astronomy in Kindergarten, so I pulled one together myself.

Homeschoolshare lapbook materials
DK First Space Encyclopedia
Evan Moore Exploring Space
Intelligo Astronomy for K-2
Magic School Bus books and videos
Google ;)

Monkey's favorite part of doing astronomy was lapbooking. This was our first real attempt at a lapbook (I did one when she was 3 on a picture book, it was a flop!) and we both really liked it. Monkey did as much of the work herself as she was able. Anything printed she had to determine where it went. She had a hard time with all the writing so some of it I finished but she told me what to put. Unless otherwise noted, the printables came from homeschoolshare. So here's our lapbook.

Front cover

The star in the upper left is a blank sticker over one just
like it that has "[monkey's name] age: 5, Kindergarten" 
The solar system diagram is one I found just through a
quick search.

With the center flap lifted up. 
In the center to the right is a spin wheel of the
different rotation times of each of the planets.

Top left: Glossary of astronomy terms.
Below: Space "riddles" from EM

Top: Planet temperatures. We started out doing average
daytime temp and average night time temp for each, but
then just did overall average temp.
Below: Layers of the sun. We used the same outline model
showing the different layers of the sun. I printed it 6 times
and we colored the appropriate layer for each.

Top: Star facts - a different fact on each paper
In the middle: Constellations. I used vellum to make two 
copies each of 6 different constellations. One copy has just 
the stars connected, the second copy has the picture of what
the constellation is supposed to represent and it's name. Both 
can be used with our light box and layered to see how the
stars become the picture. (outlines came from EM)
Bottom: Phases of the moon

Facts about each of the planets. Each fact was printed
separately and she had to match the facts with the
correct planet.

Across is A Star is Born. This shows the stages of the
birth of a star. She had fun drawing her interpretation of
each stage.
On the right: Types of Galaxies. She loved doing this one
because we used glue and glitter to make the galaxies.

Sun facts. She did all of the writing on this one.

Facts about the moon

Space study timeline. The pictures came from EM.

Monkey really had a lot of fun doing the lapbook as well as all the activities we did with our astronomy unit. I'm glad she has the lapbook to keep and look over whenever she wants.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kindergarten curriculum

Kindergarten for Monkey 2013-2014 

This is what we have been using this year. We do not use everything on this list daily. Reading, writing, and math is all that I require to consider it a school day. Anything else is bonus! Science does get done most of the time, though, because it's her favorite. 

Language arts:
Phonics: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears level K
Reading: Readers from the library and The Magic Treehouse books. 

Read alouds:
Sonlight p4/5 as a booklist
Illustrated classics for girls (Usborne)
A Little Princess (abridged)
Brave Emily (AG)
Heidi (abridged)
Little Women (abridged)
Little House in the Big Woods
*I will add to this list as we finish new books*

Singapore primary mathematics standards edition 1a & 1b
Singapore math challenging word problems 1
Miquon Orange & Red

For science this year I didn't use any one curriculum. I pulled together several resources to focus on the subjects of her choice.  We started with astronomy and recently moved to dinosaurs.

Astronomy -  DK first space encyclopedia, Evan Moore space units, homeschoolshare lapbook materials, and various activities and printables found around the internet.

Dinosaurs - DK first dinosaur encyclopedia, Evan Moore dino worksheets, Zoobooks timeline and books, Dover dinosaur coloring book, Walking with Dinosaurs BBC shows, and various printables found around the internet

Evan Moore Beginning Geography
States & Capitals songs

ASL - Signing Time
Spanish - Little Pim
Critical thinking - ZooLogic, IQtwist, Mind Benders

Extra curriculars:

We have a lot of manipulatives, games, and other hands-on stuff that we pull out often. She also has access to plenty of art supplies!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Catch-up time!

Oh my I have neglected this blog! This post will be a quick catch up of what we've been up to.

In June of 2012 Monkey turned 4. For her party theme she chose.....monkeys!

In July of 2012 we welcomed our second little girl into our family, Bear. She's great fun but she is a handful!

Monkey absolutely adores her little sister. And Bear loves her big sis.  

For Monkey's pre-k year we kept it light. We did singapore earlybird math, handwriting without tears pre-k, and hooked on phonics. We read some good books and did some fun science 'experiments'. Since we were in a smaller space she had only one bookcase for her shelf work, but I just rotated often. Many of her activities were the same just with more expected out of them.

In June of 2013, Monkey turned 5. This time she chose Dinosaurs!

In July of 2013 Bear turned 1. She had a little party at the park with a cute bear theme, but I can't find any pics of it right now. I'll edit if I find them. 

In August we gave our school area a complete makeover:
And monkey started Kindergarten!
I will make a separate post to go into what we're doing for Kindergarten.

In September of 2013 I had my shoulder fully replaced, fun stuff. Then four days later Bear broke her wrist climbing out of her crib. So we were twiners in our slings. But you only get a pic of her. ;-)

So there you have it, a year and a half in one post! Next up will be details on Monkey's Kindergarten year!